Friday, 27 July 2012

Barry M Black Multi-Glitter Review

Nail Polish is a girls best friend.
It truly is. I don't know about you, but I almost constantly have my nails painted an unruly shade and/or pattern.
I also have an unruly amount of nail polishes. A whole box is dedicated to those little columns of colour, and it just grows and grows. In fact, the box is pretty much full.
If I get another nail polish then I might have to get another box.

They are also colour coded. All the purples and blues and pinks in one place, greens in another, various black and sparkly variations. And lots of metallics and glitter.

Today though, I would like to rave a little about Barry M's Black Multi-Glitter. For £2.99 from Boots or Superdrug this nail polish is a little firecracker.

You can't see it especially well in the picture, but my nails DO look like the nail polish bottle. For added 'Pow' I put some multicoloured glitter from Technic (From on my ring fingers. For a better picture of the actual nail polish, please see this other blog on it. It stays on for quite a while, especially when you put a top coat on.

Even in one coat the colour is good and the glitter stands out, and has a textured feel to it. However, the glitter isn't multicoloured, it's holographic. Which is fine by me as it does the same job really. It's relatively easy to take the polish off. Easier than polishes with bigger bits of glitter definitely.

I'd say that it's a perfect nail polish for everyday use and subtle evening wear.


Also, I want to show you some NY taxi nails we did a while ago. Using MUA Love Hearts yellow nail polish from Superdrug (£1!) and a striping brush.


  1. ahhh why did i not know that barry m black glitter nail polish existed and why is it not on my hands right now?! guess what i'm buying tomorrow.. xD also, i'm desperate to buy ibiza mix polish by models own, it is multicoloured glitter and you can get it on asos or motel rocks (if you do that use the code 'doodleheart' and get 20% discount!) xxx

  2. Ahaha, I'm happy to have influenced you. it looks so cute on, the picture isn't particularly great here. The one on my ring finger is the one i thought looked like it. But my god do I love the Barry M one. I do love models own polishes, but I don't think my bank account would like it. It much prefers MUA, but I can't resist Barry M.