Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Boohoo, I love you.

Today was a fun day. I went to town. Mostly for finding my lovely boyfriend a birthday present, and job hunting, and also for hair dye. My beautiful red hair will be no more.

So today is an outfit post.
I thought I'd make an effort to look smart, and really wanted to wear my new jeans, which are lovely. They're a dark indigo colour, as you can see below.

These are my new High Waisted jeans from Usually I'm a size 10/12 (on the 12 side now..) but these are a size 14 at boohoo. But they do fit perfectly. The top is from a local charity shop (though it was originally from George at Asda apparently) and the necklace is a host of keys and was a present from my mum.

I'm having a small love affair with boohoo at the moment, because I'm always seeing gorgeous dresses that I love there. But now there's high waisted shorts and jeans and I'm in heaven.

To the right you can see my smarter day outfit, complete with boots and jacket, both second-hand. I do very well with thrifting, I must say.

Hope you had a great day, and that you're as pleased with your outfit as I am :) x


  1. aw, what colour are you going with your hair? and they're really nice jeans, i'm always hesitant to order from boohoo as i heard they're really bad quality, but i really like a lot of the things on the website! also, i wish i had thrifting skills but i have nooo patience for it, even if it would be a lifesaver on my bank balance..! xxx

    1. My hair's going brown unfortunately, although it mgiht help me get a job. Well, the sparkly skirt I wore on my birthday was a boohoo. The sizing is a bit out though. I have heard that the dresses and tops are a bit on the flimsty side, but the jeans seem pretty good.
      Aha, I love finding a bargain in a charity shop, always makes me feel better. But I tried today and nothing popped out. However kyra got a rather gorgeous polka dot skirt. xx