Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish

I've been increasingly curious about magnetic nail polish for an absolute age (ie; ever since they came into my peripherals). But the thing is, they're quite expensive compared with normal polish. Even crackles, glitters and foils are cheaper.

But this week I cracked. It kind of helps that I have a twin who is as much in love with nail polishes as I am. We made a deal to go halves and it was ours thirty seconds later.

As you may know already, I also love Barry M products, so it was the obvious choice for us. The quality of the polish is always good, and it's just the right consistancy to apply. Most of the time, one coat with a top coat on will look great, though I do tend to layer it on thickly. We got 'magnetic dark silver' with a horizontally striped magnet and gosh is it beautiful.

There are some handy instructions on the side of the polish for beginners, but really the process is very easy. You paint it on as normal and let it dry. You then paint another coat and immediately hover the magnet over it. The magent is fully detachable so there's no dripping from the brush! There's a little ridge on the cap that makes this really easy to do. You should see the magnet affecting the polish, if it doesn't either the polish is too dry or the magnet isn't close enough to the surface. And voila, wonderful nails.

The polish is a very wearable colour, and I love the way it has turned out. You may be surprised to know that the surface is perfectly smooth, even though the appearance is textured and 3D. I found the polish really easy to apply and after one nail I got the general idea, so there's not much wastage either. And if you buy lots, you can mix and match the lids!

A couple of heads up though:
  • The magnet needs to be quite close to the nail in order to work properly. I managed to dip it in the polish a couple of times and had to redo nails, so I recommend keeping it at eye level to make sure.
  • Depending on how much polish you brush on, you may not need two coats. I spread it nice and thick and one coat worked for me perfectly fine.
  • If your nails are very rounded, the magnet may not be close enough to the edges to do the whole lot. You may need to twist it around the nail for full coverage. I don't know how well this will work with the other magnetised designs, so it may be trial and error for you.
My next impulse buy will probably be their Chameleon Nail Paint that changes colour when you apply a clear polish on top.

Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint can be found in most health and beauty shops at £4.99, or you can buy online at:

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