Friday, 2 November 2012

Barry M Nail Effects Magnetic- Neptune Sea

I know it's a little late for this kind of review, but I'm doing it anyway because I absolutely ADORE this nail polish.

At the moment I'm working as a waitress at a hotel and we're not supposed to wear nail polish, so today when I got back I just had to crack out the sparklyness. Green w7 here I come!

This however, was done a few weeks back.
Barry M has been a permanent fixture in my must have list for a while. I love the fun colours, the brightness, the glitter, and now the magnetics. And Oh my gosh they're gorgeous.

I really liked the older magnetics, with two contrasting colours and nifty patterns, but they've taken it one step further now. Glittery ones. With chevron magnets and the star magnet, which is what I have here.

So step up Instant Nail Effects Magnetic in Neptune Sea.
This is probably the most beautiful colour I own.. or perhaps tying in with Maxfactor's Mini nail effects Fantasy Fire.
It's just so gorgeous, it shimmers darker blue and the star shape glows silver. It even looks pretty without being magnetised, but I loved in magnetised.
I warn you, we're about to become picture-heavy.

So as you can see they shimmer all sorts of glorious colours and look absolutely gorgeous. Usually they look like the last picture, but when they catch the light they shine that lovely blue.

And a bonus!!
These are primark nail wraps, and they are flimsy as hell and come off far too easily. They would be fine if you do them when you're about to go out clubbing, but don't do what i did and put them on the night before because it won't turn out well. The application isn't over smooth either. I would suggest not being a cheapo on this account, and going for Nail Rock Nail Wraps. They last for ages, but are a little trickier to apply. But they're worth it.