Thursday, 5 January 2012

Killer Cheek Bones and a Thinner Nose

.. No, really. This is no joke, I really can help you with this. All it takes is a little bit of makeup and some know-how, and viola! You have a slightly more chiseled face.

First, it's your cheeks. As a child I am sure all of us has wanted to delve in our mums' makeup bags for some bright blusher to smother over ourselves. Maybe we even got some lipstick and decided that would work. Oh, how wrong we were. Since we certainly don't want to look like that any more, here is my step by step guide on how to define those cheek bones.

1. Start by applying your usual layer of foundation/ moisturiser with tint and concealer
2. Using a large makeup brush, sweep bronzer or blush directly below your cheek bones, starting from your apples and sweeping backwards. This creates the look of a shadow underneath them, with makes them look stronger. You may need to suck in your cheeks to help you.
3. If you need to, smile and use blush/bronzer to help define the apples of your cheeks more.
4. Apply highlighting cream or powder directly to your cheek bone and blend. Be careful you don't use too much, though.

Here are some examples to guide you:

How to get get a thinner nose:
You may notice that celebrities often look like they have tiny noses, and I will tell you a secret. They cheat! And so can you, only you don't have to spend thousands getting plastic surgery to do it. All it takes is a very similar trick to the one above.
1. Use a bronzer to low light either side of the nose, but be careful not to overdo it!
2. Use highlighter on the top of your nose, this will define it
3. Blend so it looks natural, and check out the result

Good Luck and let me know how you get on!

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