Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How to... match your eyes to your eyeshadow

I always find that finding the perfect colour for my eyes is the most annoying thing in the world. I don't have your easy as pie brown eyes, or blue eyes that go with nearly anything. I have hazel eyes that are constantly switching from brown to green and back again. They have no pretty flecks of gold to match in, so they are a nuisance.

Therefore, I have decided that every girl needs someone to tell them which shade suits them the most, and I will be that person for you. I have trailed through every site possible trying to pin down the colours that suit your eyes shades. So if I have missed yours, please let me know and hopefully I can fill you in.


Grey eyes are pretty much the hardest colour to use eyeshadow on, as many colours can dull them further. To make them pop, use light and medium browns, deep greys and cool tones. A pale pink also looks good on a lighter grey eye.


Blue eyes work best with browns with purple bases, pinks (in rose for a subtle look, or fuchsia if you fancy eye-popping colour). Slate grey and deep blue enhance your eyes, but if you want to startle people, go for a highly contrasting tangerine or a coppery shade for night-time. If your eyes are light blue, you can even get away with turquoise.


I recommend a plummy purple shade to make your green eyes stand out, or reds if you are feeling adventurous. Browns in coffee shades, khaki or forest green and apricot/pink shades also work well. For a night look, you could try a gold shadow.


As the second most difficult eye to find colours for, you need to be careful when choosing your shades. If your eyes are more brown than green, it is better to go for pinks and golds. If they are more green, it is safe to go with bronzes and warm tones. Browns, greens and purples go well with this eye colour.


Brown is by far the easiest eye colour to work with. Nearly all colours will go with your eyes. However, if you want them to stand out, use greens and purples. Beige and champagne look great for a day look, and bronzes and browns are good for the night. If you really want a punch though, use tangerine or lime green.

A few tips for everyone:
 Black works for everyone, as do creamy shades that will be perfect for daytime looks or bases.
 Dark colours will minimise eyes, whilst light ones will bring them out, so use the light ones at the edges.
 The lighter in skin tone you are, the less intense your eye colour should be. If your skin tone is really dark, you can get away with brights and fluorescents!
 Complementary colours always make your eyes stand out. That's oranges for blue, reds or purples for green, and greens or purples for brown.

Good Luck :)

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