Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Graduation Outfit!

My graduation is in late November, but everyone keeps talking about it. This gets me excited, and I get excited about a lot of things rather too early. Birthdays, Easter, Summer, Christmas, Halloween, parties... the lot. My flaw is that I love planning and making things beautiful. So every event I go to has a specially planned outfit, every present is lovingly thought about and expertly wrapped, every festivity has appropriate and mostly pretty decorations.

I've had my dress for a couple of weeks now and I love it more every day. The hood of my graduation gown is a beautiful purple colour, so I thought I'd get a blueish colour to go with it nicely. And then I saw this, and teal it was.

It looks stunning on, but needs a little altering. My shoulders are a tad too small. One other thing is that Boohoo sizes are interesting. They are a little hit and miss, so make sure that you measure yourself against their size guide before you take the plunge and buy something. I'm usually a size 10, but this is a size 12 and is a little difficult to get on. I don't usually do bodycon, but this is worth breaking my rules for.

This dress is perfect for graduation because it's formal without being boring. It's knee length, so I won't be flashing anyone when I walk across the stage. I love the wrap detail and the belt, and the fabric is fairly thick, so I shouldn't bee too cold. I will be wearing it outside in November, after all. It does have a pretty low bust line though, so I may be wearing something underneath for my dignities sake if after altering it still shows my bra.

I'm going to be wearing 2-3 inch thick heels with this dress. They have straps over the foot so I don't walk out of them, and they're black with a wooden heel. I think they go really nicely and they suit the purpose, which is mainly not falling over and looking like a plonker.

What do you think?


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  1. it's preeetty! it's perfect for the occasion and i love the colour. the other day i was mentally raiding my wardrobe for a graduation dress (just a bit early, right?!) and the most appropriate one i thought of was, naturally, black. i agree that you need sturdy heels too, falling over on stage is like nightmare no.1 haha xxx